Korean trading company-network patch cord cable

Published by admin March 03,2021

We are very pleased that at the end of 2019, we received an inquiry from South Korea’s NWC Group. The project is in charge of Miss. Serena.

In our early contact, we learned that the customer needs Cat5e network patch cord cable. After confirming the specific quantity and quotation, the customer asked us to send some Cat5e network patch cord cable samples to her to check whether the quality can pass the Fluke test.

Approaching the New Year, we finally received a message from our customers that the Cat5e network patch cord cable samples were tested by Fluke. But because customers have special requirements for cat5e network patch cord cable, we re-produce samples and send them to customers for confirmation.

After 5 months, we finally received an order worth 200,000 RMB from the customer. After the first batch of patch cord cables was produced, the customer conducted a full inspection of our cables, and the results showed that the quality was very good. In the next few months, Miss.Serena placed another order to us. Up to now, it has reached a total of nearly 1 million RMB.

We always uphold the patience and effective service to customers. We will satisfy any reasonable request. We can not only give you products that the market needs, but also tailor-made products for you.