16 Gauge Speaker Wire Copper Building Wire Shipped to Distributor in Philippines

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 30,2021

1x20GP container 16 Gauge Speaker Wire Copper Building Wire loaded and shipped to the Philippines port on 28th, November, 2021 and felt so excited for this successful deal with our customer and hope our 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire can help our customer's business well.



Our customer, Mr. Tolmie, he is the local distributor in The Philippines and he has been operating the wire and cable business since 2004 year, his business has expanded into 4 cities in The Philippines. In July, 2021 year, he met with a project contractor who was seeking for the 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire for a commercial building project. However due to the enormous procurement quantities and it was difficult for him to find a reliable supplier in domestic, he decided to try to find a reliable China construction wire manufacturer. He found us online and sent the inquiry to us, cause it was still impossible for him go to China, in this way we started the negotiation with 3 months and eventually collaborated happily.

Online Negotiation Between Customer and US

Once we received the inquiry from our customer Sir.Tolmie, our sale Miss.Maggie contact him at once and Miss Maggie impressed Sir Tolmie very well at the first video connection. Miss Maggie took him to visit our automatic production assembly line and warehouses where there are samples and finished product including the 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire, our production capability impressed Mr.Tolmie so much, in particular our imported Made in Japan Extrusion Machine which is very vital for forming the insulation and jacket with good quality. What’s more we introduced our sale team to Sir.Tolmie and persuaded him to trust us fully. Of course for a distributor, when he decided to purchase the product from other countries, we realized that we should introduce our Philippine customer cases to him, we wanted to tell Mr.Tolmie we have collaborated with lots of customers in Philippines and tried to eliminate the any worries in his heart. Finally our customer was very satisfied with 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire as well as price and service we could provide, for example the FOB price we offered was 13% cheaper than the offer he got in The Philippines.

When we felt it was certain for us to deal with Mr.Tomie, suddenly a accident happened and disturbed the plan we had at that time. On August, 2021, the pandemic was worse and there were 100 cases been found in whole Shenzhen City, we have got to stop the production work, had no other choice, Miss.Maggie thought Mr.Tolmie definitely would find a another construction wire supplier, unbelievable to all us, Mr.Tomie insisted to purchase from us, later the pandemic turned better and we recovered the production ability.



Loaded and Shipped to Philippines

On 15th, November, Mr.Tolmie paid the deposit, 3 days later, we arranged the order to our whole production plan sheet. We informed the customer to do the booking in advance, now the booking a container was a difficult thing, Mr.Tolmie listened to us and done it well. When we completed the production of this order, we have got the booking confirmation 10 days ago, that helped our shipment so much. BV company helped our customer to inspect the finished 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire, no beyond our any expectation, finished wire and cable passed through the whole inspection process, eventually we loaded those 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire into the 1X20GP container and shipped into the Philippines without any trouble.

If you are a purchaser and has the plan to procure 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire or find a construction wire manufacturer, brief introduction to them seem to beneficial. Speak wire belong to control wire, which used in audio control circuit and speaker or light systems, compared to the speaker wire, the copper building wire is more common used in our commercial or household industry. However in some countries, there are lots of specific requires for copper building wire, such as in USA, for a supplier, the UL certification is the necessary for a construction wire manufacturer to export their product to USA.



Construction Wire Manufacturer Selection

JZD Wire&Cable has been the TOP3 construction wire manufacturer since 2017 year benefit from more than 20 years of development and production experience, besides our factory is equipped with plenty of highly advanced machine including the imported Japan extrusion machine. From 2015 year, we started to export our products to overseas market, for example solar cable, speaker wire including 16 gauge, copper building wire, besides we have sold our THHN wire to many Latin American countries, such as Peru, Argentina.

Update: When we loaded this patch goods to the Mr.Tolmie, he confirmed the another order to us, the product also is the 16 Gauge Speaker Wire Copper Building Wire, besides Mr. Tolmie decided to purchase the THHN wire for 4 AWG. 

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