Canadian Customers Order Multi Core Flexible Cable For The Light Show

Published by admin October 27,2021

JZD cable factory provided multi core flexible cable for the Canadian light show.


Mr. Sylvain is an engineer from Canada. He found us through Alibaba in 2019. After talking with the business manager, he has a basic understanding of our factory and knew that we are an electric wire & cable manufacturer with more than 19 years. Our company provided free samples for him to test. Then we sent the samples to the Beijing Testing Agency that the customer cooperated with. After more than half a month of testing, Mr. Sylvain told us that the sample passed the test and he placed the first order the wires & cables for this light show project. Mr. Sylvain purchased 2 core and 3 core flexible cables for this LED light show. Two months after the cable were shipped, he sent us the video about their light show, which is such a fairy-tale lighting festival.



Although we have not met each other, Mr. Sylvain trusts our company and purchased other wires & cables for other projects from us. Thank you very much for this customer’s trust in us.JZD cable factory supply multi core flexible cable, THHN cable, solar cable, XLPE/PVC power cable, enternet network cable, and many types of other cables.