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1X40HQ Container 12AWG, 10AWG, 14AWG THHN and THWN-2 Cable Shipped To Guatemala.

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 31,2023

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cable thhn 2/0





Mr. Jon is the purchasing manager of a large company in Guatemala. At that time, his company had a very new project to start and needed a lot of thhn wire products such as copper thhn wire、thhn 2、thhn wire 250mm、thhn cable, so he started looking for manufacturers on the Internet.

In  2023,July Mr. Jon contacted us through our official website and expressed that he was very interested in our thhn stranded copper cable products and hoped to better understand our products.


We created a Google Ads campaign targeting Latin America, and of course, UL certified THHN cable and THWN-2 cables are the main products we want to promote to our customers in the Americas, including wholesalers, project contractors and traders.

In the later communication, we knew that the title of our advertisement attracted Jon, and finally sent us an inquiry.


Due to the time difference between Guatemala and China, Miss. Monica actively contacted Jon through Whatsapp on the same day, and soon

we introduced the factory andthhn wire 4/0、thhn/thwn-2、thhn stranded wire、12 thhn solid and so on to Jon by taking a video, and sent 100 meters of free thhn cable samples to Guatemala by FedEx.

Compared with the thhn cable 、thwn 12 wire、cable eléctrico thhn samples he received from other manufacturers, there is no quality problem, and the price we offer also makes Jon very satisfied. Ultimately without any thought, Jon placed our order.



12awg thhn solid wire




Introducing THHN Cable and THWN-2 Cable


THHN cable/THWN type conductors, installed through conduit in accordance with the National Electrical Code, suitable for commercial/industrial systems, feeder and branch line wiring. Type THHN cable is suitable for use in dry environments where the temperature does not exceed 90°C.


Welcome to contact us for the latest prices of thhn cable、8awg thhn cable、10awg thhn cable、12awg thhn cable、1/0awg thhn cable manufactured by JZD Cable, less than 2 hours, we will reply on your inquiry.



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