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Auxiliary materials of photovoltaic power generation system

Published by Author: Joey Wan December 08,2022

Auxiliary materials of photovoltaic power generation system


We all know that photovoltaic is DC power, so we will use DC connector, also called MC4 plug. Why is this thing called MC4? MC is called multi contact in full, and 4 is the size standard of metal core diameter. They are combined together, which is our commonly used MC4 photovoltaic connector. It came out in 2002, completely realizing true plug and play. With the continuous updating of technology, The entire MC4 series is now very mature and can meet the needs of users at different levels.

   Do you need to pay attention to connectors?

Although the connector is small, it is used in a large amount. If the connector fails, all will stop working. We can't lose the whole because of this small part

   Can different connectors be used interchangeably?

   No, different manufacturers use different materials and different production processes. Cross use may cause damage and fire


MC4 is no stranger to photovoltaic practitioners. It has almost become a synonym for photovoltaic connectors. It can be found on important components of photovoltaic systems such as modules, combiner boxes, and inverters. They assume the responsibility of successfully connecting power stations. Its existence is inevitable because photovoltaic systems have been operating outdoors for a long time, even in extreme hot and cold temperature environments. Therefore, The mc4 connector must also be able to maintain stable working performance in such an environment. It must not only be resistant to high temperature, waterproof and moisture-proof, but also be safe to touch, with high current carrying capacity when the current passes through. In addition, low contact resistance is also a relatively important consideration indicator.

Don't underestimate this plug. We must choose a good one. Remember, many problems of photovoltaic power stations occur in MC4. The price of a good MC4 plug is several times that of an ordinary one, but it won't cost much. We recommend you to use the DC connector of JZD. We are the Top 3 MC4 manufacturer in China, which is compatible with 4mm 6mm DC Solar cables.

Installation precautions:

Be sure to use professional tools. If the clamp is pressed well, but not pressed well, the DC line voltage will drop quickly, and the power will not come out. Long term operation will cause burning of the power station terminal, and even fire if it is serious

Inspection method:

The plug is shaken and pulled. If it is loose and scattered, it is not good. If it is of good quality, it is very tight. Such details will also affect the operating life of the photovoltaic power station.

The above is the knowledge of photovoltaic connectors. I believe that you have a certain understanding of photovoltaic connectors after reading this article. I believe that you have learned a lot after reading this article. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope it will help you!




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