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Customers In The Philippines Ordered THHN Wire

Published by admin September 25,2021

One of our Philippine customers, he needs THHN wire for his project, due to the large quantity, he chose to purchase from Chinese wire & cable suppliers. He found us online, and before placing the order, he came to our factory to understand the actual situation.



He visited our production lines and warehouses and find out our production capabilities. At the same time, we also introduced to him our Philippine customer cases, showing him the different colors, sizes of THHN cable, and the thickness of the sheath, the conductor size, the resistance,  and other specification of the cable. The customer is very satisfied with our product, price, and service, which is about 20% cheaper than the price he learned locally. And because the JZD cable factory has been maintaining cooperation with Philippine customers, we have a deep understanding of the wire & cable size and the specifications in the Philippines. And he was very satisfied with the service, we can provide different colors and special sizes for him. Finally, the customer placed the THHN wire that commonly used in the Philippines from us, the size from 22mm2 to 150mm2, and the colors include red, blue, yellow, green colors.



Within 7 working days after paying the deposit, we completed the production of this order. This customer arranged for paying the balance payment, and then we loaded the container. Thank you for the support of this Philippine customer. THHN wire is PVC insulated electric cable with nylon jacket, the biggest feature is moisture resistance. And the cable is very suitable for rainy countries such as the Philippines or other Southeast Asia countries.


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