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How Much Do You Know About The Advantages Of Nylon THHN Cables?

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 23,2022

Nylon cables are widely used in aircraft low-voltage lines, highway monitoring equipment line installation, highway inductance coil special lines (electronic police lines, ground sense coil lines) are also used for lighting wiring, road pole lights .

thhn cable

AC rated voltage of 250V and below, DC voltage of 500V and below, the temperature of the THHN wire can be used normally in the environment of -60℃~+80℃ and the relative humidity is 98%.

1. Easy to wear pipe. The diameter of the wire is thin, and the friction coefficient is significantly reduced when passing through the tube.

2. Increased the threading capacity of the wire guide. The diameter of the wire is small, the wire that can be threaded into the same size of the conduit or the current carrying capacity is large.

3. Excellent wear resistance reduces the damage to the insulation when the wires are put through pipes and laid.  This is very important and can effectively reduce the hidden danger of latent short-circuit accidents.

4. Excellent hydrocarbon resistance and good chemical stability, that is, excellent oil resistance, liquefied gas and gas corrosion resistance, effectively improving the reliability and service life of the wiring (aging performance test proved that BVN type wire At least double the service life of the original PVC type wire (ie 40 years or more).

thhn cable

5. High safety performance. The tested BVN wire has good thermal stability and thermal shrinkage resistance. This will help to avoid the possibility of short circuit failure due to overheating of the grounding point and shrinkage of the wire insulation to expose the copper wire.

6. It has the ability to withstand a considerable short-circuit current, and the short-circuit temperature for 5 seconds is higher than that of the ordinary PVC type. This is because of the nylon sheath, which has a melting point of 215°C.

7. It has the same flame retardant properties as PVC insulation. According to the test of relevant experts, the toxicity released by its combustion is far less than that of PE.

8. The manufacturer's name, product model, voltage level and other signs are printed between the PVC insulation and the nylon sheath, and the signs are clear and scratch-resistant.

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