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Power Cables Are Very Important, How Much Do You Know?

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 24,2022

The power wire is an important energy infrastructure. Accelerating the construction of major projects,the  Power Cables and giving full play to the stimulating role of investment is of great significance for stabilizing the macroeconomic market, improving energy security capabilities, and promoting clean and low-carbon transformation of energy.

power wire,power cable

The direction and path have been clarified, and the construction of major projects is running out of "acceleration". POWER CABLE IS SO IMPORTANT!

Major projects have the characteristics of large investment scale, long industrial chain, and many employees.

They can effectively drive the development of upstream and downstream enterprises such as power supply, electrical equipment, and raw materials, and will play an important role in stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, and benefiting people's livelihood.

power wire,power cable

The development of new energy is a key move to promote clean and low-carbon transformation of energy, and it is also a long-term solution to secure energy jobs and achieve the goal of "double carbon".

As the "stabilizer" and "regulator" of the power system, the power cable plays an important role in flexibly responding to the demand of the power grid and promoting the consumption of new energy.

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