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Solar cable Main performance

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 05,2022

Electrical properties Solar cable Main performance

1. DC resistance
When the finished cable is at 20°C, the DC resistance of the conductive core is not more than 5.09Ω/km.

Solar cable

2 Immersion voltage test
The finished cable (20m) will not break down after being immersed in water at (20±5)°C for 1h and subjected to a 5min voltage test (AC 6.5kV or DC 15kV).

3 Long-term DC voltage resistance(Solar cable Main performance
The sample is 5m long and placed in distilled water containing 3% sodium chloride (NaCl) at (85±2)°C for (240±2)h, with both ends above the water surface for 30cm. A DC 0.9kV voltage is applied between the wire core and the water (the conductive wire core is connected to the positive electrode, and the water is connected to the negative electrode). After taking out the sample, carry out the water immersion voltage test, the test voltage is AC 1kV, and no breakdown is required.

4 Insulation resistance
The insulation resistance of the finished cable at 20°C is not less than 1014Ω·cm,
The insulation resistance of the finished cable at 90°C is not less than 1011Ω·cm.

5 Sheath surface resistance
The surface resistance of the finished cable sheath should not be less than 109Ω.

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