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What kind of certification do photovoltaic cables need to be able to export?

Published by Author: Joey Wan August 06,2022

Export certification

Photovoltaic cables supporting other photovoltaic modules are exported to Europe, and their cables must comply with the TUV MARK certificate issued by TUV Rheinland, Germany. At the end of 2012, TUV Germany launched a series of new standards for photovoltaic modules, DC 1.5KV single-core wire and photovoltaic AC multi-core wire.
Solar energy technology will become one of the future green energy technologies. Solar energy or photovoltaic (PV) is widely used in China. In addition to the rapid development of government-supported photovoltaic power plants, private investors are also actively building factories and planning to put them into production and sell them globally. of solar modules.

Solar cable,PV cable,photovoltaic wire

A cable is a power or signal transmission device, usually consisting of several or groups of wires.

A wire that transmits electricity or information from one place to another, made of one or more mutually insulated conductors and an outer insulating protective layer.
Usually a rope-like cable consisting of several or several groups of conductors (at least two in each group), each group of conductors is insulated from each other, and often twisted around a center, and the entire outer layer is highly insulated cover layer. The cable has the characteristics of inner energization and outer insulation.
Cables include power cables, control cables, compensation cables, shielded cables, high temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, mining cables, aluminum alloy cables and so on. They are all composed of single or multi-strand wires and insulating layers, which are used to connect circuits, electrical appliances, etc.

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