300/500V Royal Cord 3.5 MM Multicore Flexible Cable

The royal cord is  PVC insulated and sheathed flexible wire and cable, is also called multicore flexible cable

Product Decription
  • Type : H03VV-F, H05VV-F
  • Standard : GB/T5023, IEC60227, BS6500, VDE0281, JB/T8734
  • Nominal Voltage : 300/300V 300/500V
  • No.of cores : 2-7 cores
  • Conductor : Copper
  • Insulation and Jacket:PVC :
  • Meters/Roll :

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Product Details

The royal cord is  PVC insulated and sheathed flexible wire and cable, is also called multicore flexible cable, and is the rated voltage of 300/500V. this cable is usually used for control signal transmission wires, electrical equipment, automation equipment, home lighting connection wires. The surface sheath of the royal cord is wear-resistant to adapt to the harsh environment. we can provide different size royal cord 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm, and etc(for more size details, you can download our PDF document).


Finished Product Testing 

(1) Resistance test, which determines whether the royal cord is high-quality, the most important basis for whether the conductor diameter meets the standard, and it is also the first condition to ensure the safety of electricity.
(2) Tensile strength test, put the multicore flexible cable on the testing machine with 5000N tensile force to check whether it is qualified.
(3) Low-temperature test, put the wires in a low-temperature box at minus 30 ℃ for 24 hours to ensure that the inner and outer sheaths are not cracked, rigid, and easy to wire when they come out.
(4) High-temperature test, put the wires in a high-temperature box at minus 80℃ for 10 hours, and keep the standard resistance when it comes out without oil and hands.
(5) Wear resistance test, after the quality personnel's footsteps, the surface of the wire should not have excessive wear and tear.


Product Description 

The pure copper conductor has good electrical conductivity and safety.
Environmentally-friendly PVC, good insulation performance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, good toughness.

Package: Film; Wooden drum; Wooden roller; Film + pallet; Wooden drum + pallet; Wooden roller + pallet 





Production Process  


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