PVC Cable
XLPE PVC Armoured Cable

XLPE PVC Armoured Cable

JZD cable provide XLPE PVC armored cable,fire-resistant cable.

Product Decription
  • Type : NYY, N2XY, STA
  • Strandard : IEC60502, BS6346, GB/T12706
  • Nominal Voltage : 0.6/1KV
  • No.of Cores : 1~7 cores
  • Conductor : copper, alunimum
  • Insulation Material : XLPE
  • Sheath : PVC :
  • Package : F

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Product Details

XLPE PVC armored cable is made of copper or aluminum conductors mounted in a metal sleeve with XLPE insulation and PVC sheath to form solid wires and cables. They are mainly used in chemical, metallurgical, mechanical manufacturing, power generation and scientific experiments, high-rise buildings, and other places related to fire safety and fire protection.

Product Features
1. The steel tape of the armored cable can well protect the internal structure, increase the mechanical strength, and improve the corrosion resistance.
2. The cable with the armor layer can also enhance mechanical protection such as tensile strength and compressive strength to extend the service life.
3. Most power cables are directly buried in the ground and need to have a certain degree of resistance to external forces. Armored cables can prevent rats from biting and prevent power transmission problems due to damage to the cables.

Product Description

Oxygen-free pure aluminum or copper conductor, 99.9% high purity, good electrical conductivity, reduce heat generation.
XLPE insulated armored cable, high-temperature resistance, good insulation, no cracking.

PVC sheathed armored cable, no cracking when exposed to the sun, corrosion and aging resistance, waterproof, and antifreeze.
Armored galvanized steel strip, national standard thickness, corrosion resistance, galvanized antirust.



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