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24 AWG Silicone Insulated Wire Hot Sale In Europe

24 AWG Silicone Insulated Wire Hot Sale In Europe

The silicone insulated cables made by JZD Wire&Cable have been exported to many European countries,such as France,Germany etc.

Product Decription
  • Brand : JZD cable
  • Model No : 22 AWG Silicone Insulated Wire
  • Meters/Roll : 100 meters/roll
  • Operating Temperature : -60℃~+200℃
  • MOQ : 100 meters
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Product Details

600Volts Withstand Maximum Temperature 200 ℃ in wet and dry environment.24 AWG Silicone Insulated Wire is stranded tinned pure copper conductors with silicnoe rubber, which is which is highly flexible and high-temperature resistance, heat radiation, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosive gas, and waterproof.



24 AWG Silicone Insulated Wire is suitable for a variety of household appliances.As lead out connecting wires for LED lighting, electronic equipment, drones, lithium batteries, model airplanes, and automobile wiring harnesses.



Type 24 AWG Silicone Insulated Wire
Conductor Material Tinned Copper
Insulating Material Silicone Rubber
Conductor Type High Flexible 
Color Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, And Orange
Rated Voltage 600V
Test Voltage 2000V
Working Temperature -60°C~+200°C
Pckaging 100M/Roll



Pick up another 2 core flat cable for more information





Copper wire shares (compos.NO./mm)


Insulation thickness(mm)


Diameter (mm)

Overall diameter(mm)

Conductor resistance


Sectional area      (mm2)

Carrying current (ampere)



6AWG 3200/0.08mm 1.65 5.2 8.5 1.21 16.08 300 100
8AWG 1650/0.08mm 1.2 4.4 6.3 4.1 8.29 190 100
10AWG 1050/0.08mm 5.28 2.92 5.5 6.3 5.3 140 100
12AWG 680/0.08mm 3.42 2.41 4.5 9.8 3.4 88.4 100
14AWG 400/0.08mm 2 1.85 3.5 15.6 2.07 55.6 200
16AWG 252/0.08mm 1.3 1.47 3 24.4 1.27 35 200
18AWG 150/0.08mm 0.75 1.13 2.3 39.5 0.75 22 200
20AWG 100/0.08mm 0.5 0.92 1.8 62.5 0.5 13.87 400
22AWG 60/0.08mm 0.3 0.72 1.7 88.6 0.33 8.73 400
24AWG 40/0.08mm 0.2 0.58 1.6 97.6 0.2 5 400
26AWG 30/0.08mm 0.15 0.44 1.5 123 0.14 3.5 400
28AWG 16/0.08mm 0.08 0.32 1.2 227.2 0.08 1.25 100
30AWG 11/0.08mm 0.055 0.3 0.8 331 0.06 0.8 100


  • Insulation: highly resistant to maximum temperature 200°C
  • Conductors: Class K Stranded or Solid 100% Tinned Pure Bare Copper 



1. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?                                                                                                        

We are a professional manufacturer on silicone wire and other common used cable or wire.We can control your order from the first begining to the last.Welcome to visit us.We'll pick you up in Shenzhen.

2. How can I get a sample to test your quality?

We can definitely provide free samples to you for 24 awg silicone insulated wire.Such our French customers started to order official order,we sent the sample to them.By the way new clients are expected to pay for the courier cost.

3. What’s your Minimum Order Quantity?

Normally 100m per roll. However, 24 awg silicone instulated wire is very heavy.You'd better order a suitable quantity to avoid the high freight.Sea transportation is the best option.

4. Can I get a discount?

Cause we are manufacturer instead of trader, so pratically we can discount, for 24 awg silicone instulated wire,may we can provide discount to you,but mostly It depends on your quantity.Welcome to contact us to choose the solar cable you want.

5. Apart from 24 awg silicone instulated wire, do you have any other specifications?

Yes, for example,we have 14,18,22 awg silicone insulated wire.What's more we can custom the cable or wire you want even if print your logo on the insulation or jactket.


6.Which countries have you ever sold 24 awg silicone instulated wire to? 

We have sold our 24 awg silicone instulated wire to many countries, for example French,Germany and Switzerland and our customer all are content to our product and service and let us look forward to introduce ourself as a great solar cable manufacturer to all over the world.


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