450V/750V H05V-K Flexible 1 Core Cable

450V/750V H05V-K Flexible 1 Core Cable

Battery cable can be used as entertainment or stage lighting cables for movie theatres, lighting and sound systems, and communication vans. And battery cables for cars, inverter cables. For example, many solar power installations use battery cable exten

Product Decription
  • Product Name : 2 Gauge Battery Cable Wire
  • Conductor : Pure Copper
  • Jacket : PVC
  • Place of Origin : Shenzhen, China
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1. A professional quality inspection team, raw materials to the production process, to the final processing, needs to go through various quality inspections.
2. Advanced machinery and equipment for fully automated production, high product standards.

Pre-sale: A technical team with more than 10 years of experience and a professional sales team will quickly answer your questions and provide you with accurate solutions.
Selling: There is a 3000 square meter warehouse. For inventories, they can be shipped on the same day. Customized products will take 7 working days. We will provide you with real-time information.
After-sales: 12 months warranty.

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