Armored Power Cables 4 Core for Street Lights Projects in Cambodia

Published by Author: Joey Wan March 18,2021

Supplier and manufacturerJZD Cable provided armored power cables including armored cable 4 core, 35mm armoured cable and 4mm armoured cable for street lights projects in Cambodia. The total amount approached to $ 80,000 and this belonged to the first project we had in Cambodia and believed we would have more cooperation chances with our customers.

Order Negotiation

Mr. Hak is an engineer of a construction company. At the beginning of December 2020, Mr. Hak contacted us through our site. At that time, his company was carrying out street lights projects, the main purpose of Mr. Hak's contact with us is to find the supplier of armored power cables in street lights projects.

Armored power cables are usually used outdoors, can be buried directly underneath, and can withstand mechanical stress and tension, which used for power transmission and distribution. Mr. Hak has already learned about the prices from the local wire and cable factories in Cambodia, but the prices are not ideal, so he decided to find out about foreign prices in Alibaba. Mr. Hak confirms the quotation from us and our delivery date. He decided to get some samples from us for testing. We provided him with 3x16+2x10mm² cable, 4x25+1x16mm² cable, 3x4mm² cable, 3x6mm² cable, 3x10mm² cable each one meter. During this period, Mr. Hak often discussed professional knowledge about cables with our colleagues in our sales team, like, cable sizes, voltage, current, etc. Our sales colleagues patiently answered questions, Mr. Hak expressed his recognition of our company's attentive and professional service attitude.



Due to the rising price of raw materials, the price of the wire and cable industry is also rising constantly. Based on the trust in our company, before he received the samples for testing,  Mr.Hak placed an order with us for 2x25mm2 aluminum armored power cables and 2x2.5mm2 copper power cables, armored cable 4 core, 35mm armoured cable and 4mm armoured cable totaling 8,500 meters on January 15, 2021.

Shipment and Feedback from Customer

Because at the end of January, many industries in China put the Spring Festival holiday ahead of schedule, and the same is true for freight forwarding companies. Our finished goods cannot be delivered in time, but we have contacted the freight forwarding company and asked him to pick up the goods as soon as possible after the Spring Festival. On the first day after the Spring Festival holiday, we arranged to load and transport the goods out. Mr. Hak once again recognized our positive attitude. Now, Mr. Hak has received the armored power cables including armored cable 4 core, 35mm armoured cable and 4mm armoured cable. He expressed that he is very satisfied with our quality. He has stated that he will inquire about the next project. We are also very grateful to Mr. Hak for his recognition.



Armored Cable 4 Core Selection

35mm armoured cable and 4mm armoured cable both belong to typical armored cable 4 core cable and many buyer asked for those 2 sizes. JZD Cable is a wire and cable manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We provide customers with house wiring cable, armored power cables, silicone cable, multicore cable, battery cable, and others. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information anytime.


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