2 Core Flexible Cables for Solar Street Light in Saudi Arabia

Published by Author: Joey Wan March 19,2021

The Chinese office of a Saudi company posted an inquiry form on our site for the purchase of 2.5MM 2 core flexible cables. Our sale Miss.Vivian contacted the customer and soon she sent a quotation for this company, we quickly received a response.

Customer Background Introduce

Mr. Pan is the buyer of a Saudi company’s China office. The company is located in Jiangsu, China. At the end of 2020, he posted a message on the purchase of 2.5 mm2 2 core flexible cables, 6mm flex cable and 4 core flexible cable on our site. We offered our price to him. After Mr. Pan responded, we learned that this 2.5mm2 2 core flexible cables can be provided mainly for solar street lamp installation, and there are many suppliers that can provide products, but there are very few suppliers that can have VDE and CB certificates. So the CB certification becomes the most difficult point in procurement. He needs to confirm whether we can provide CB and VDE certificates. Of course, we have the CB and VDEcertificate, we sent the original picture of the CB and VDE certificate.


Order Negotiation

After learning that we have a certificate, Mr. Pan asked us for samples to test. About 5 days later, Mr. Pan replied to us that he was very satisfied with our products, which were in compliance with the IEC 60227-53 standard.  Mr. Pan finally confirmed the cooperative relationship with us and decided to order 2x40 hq containers and the products including 400 rolls 2.5 mm2 2 core flexible cables, 250 rolls 6mm flex cable and 620 rolls 4 core flexible cable.



Shipment and Payment

No any delay, the customer paid the deposit 2 days later and we announced the production manager to push such a vital order. Benefit our complete supply chain and production capacity, we finished the production of all goods 10 day later and pushed the customer to arrange inspection persons to do the finished goods inspection before the loading to container. Customer mandated the BV company inspect those goods and eventually our 2.5 mm2 2 core flexible cables, 6mm flex cable and 4 core flexible cable passed the whole strict inspection procedure.


4 Core Flexible Cable Selection

Now the goods have been delivered to Saudi Arabia, and the customers are very satisfied with our products. 4 core flexible cable has been more and more common used in the street lamp installation. JZD Wire&Cable is a wire and cable supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We provide 4 core flexible cables, 2.5 mm2 2 core flexible cables, 6mm flex cable, as well as other types of cables. Welcome to contact us and we will relpy on your inquiry within 2 hours in no any accident.

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