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Published by Author: Joey Wan October 21,2020 is an electrical wire supplier and wholesaler in manila, Philippines and he started his business since 1999 year, now his electrical wire supply business is very large in local region, includes 17 stores in 5 cities. Usually he mainly import royal cord cable wire, cable THHN 12 awg and other electrical cables from China to Philippine Project in which the need of electrical wire is very large.

Start Contact Each Other

In July 2019, he found us in our site and inquired about royal cord wire and cable. Our manager Miss.Maggie contacted him and knew little by little each other, finally when everyting about price and quantities was confirmed, we sent 3.5 mm2 royal cord cable and wire samples to customers to confirm the quality and the customer replied on us and said:"I checked your samples and confirmed that your royal cord cable and wire was very good"  Soon we took the video meeting online and confirmed all the details, the customer placed the first order to us.



Visit customer's store

At the end of August, we started a business trip to the Philippines. We visited Mr.Ong’s shop and we saw a lot of Royal cord cable and wire and cable THHN 12 awg and other flexible electrical wire and cable in his shop. After this visit, we have a deeper and wider understanding of the Philippine cable and wire market and we had dinner together in a local restaurant, it was our first time to The Philippines, we didn't have any idea about local foods, however we loved the foods at first eye and we really had a perfect night, Mr.Ong helped us know more local The Philippines culture when we discussed the business details.

Customer Vistit Our Factory

In November, his brother came to China for a business trip and we invited him to our factory and he agreed with our invitation at once. At that day he sent the hotel location to us, we appointed our driver to pick him to our factory. Our boss Mr.Lin accompanied him to visit our production line and introduce our daily operation to him, and we can saw that he listened to those details very carefully and seriously. He knew that our wires and cables were all self-produced and sold. He had a deeper understanding of us and believed that definitely we can be his trustful supplier with long-term cooperation potential.

Up to now, the cooperative relationship between our company and Mr.Ong has been more and more stable and smooth. constantly. Currently we are his main royal cord cable and wire supplier, from last year to now, his order has exceeded 1 million dollars. In his heart he more believes that we will constantly provide him with good quality and reasonable price, and indeed we never had made our customer down. What's more thanks to the Mr.Ong, more and more electrical wire supplier in Manila are contacting us for purchasing royal cord wire and cable.



Royal Cord Wire and Cable Selection

If you have demand for Royal cord cable or wire, please feel free to contact us. We have rich experienced technicians and professional sales team to provide great service. In addition, we also have other types of electrical wires and cables, such as THHN cable, solar cable, power cable and so on, meanwhile we are glad to accept anyone who wants to do royal cord cable and wire business be our agent in your country.


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