Philippine cable wholesaler-Royal cord cable

Published by admin October 27,2021

Mr. Nestor Jr ong is an electrical Wholesalers from Manila, Philippines. He mainly supplies Royal cord cable, THHN cable, and Electrical cable, etc. to Philippine Project.


In July 2019, he found us and inquired about royal cord cable. After that, we sent 3.5 mm2 royal cord samples to customers to confirm the quality, and the customer's feedback was that the quality was very good. After confirming all the details, the customer placed the first order to us.



At the end of August, we started a business trip to the Philippines. We visited Mr. Nestor Jr Ong’s shop and we saw a lot of Royal cord cable and THHN cable in his shop. After this visit, we have a deeper understanding of the Philippine cable market.


In November, the customer’s brother came to China on a business trip and came to our factory. He knew that our wires and cables were all self-produced and sold. He had a deeper understanding of us and believed that we were suppliers with long-term cooperation.


Up to now, the cooperative relationship between our company and Mr. Nestor has been very stable. Currently we are his main Royal cord cable supplier, from last year to now, his order has exceeded 2 million RMB. He believes that we will provide him with good quality and price, and we do.



If you have demand for Royal cord cable, please feel free to contact us.We have technicians and professional sales to provide great service. In addition, we also have other types of cables, such as THHN cable, solar cable, power cable, etc.