JZD Cable Provide THHN Wire for Rosario Memorial Hospital in The Philippines

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 18,2020

This video is about our company team visited the Rosario Memorial Hospital when they were in the Philippines. At that time, Rosario Memorial Hospital was still under construction and only part of the construction was completed. In such a enormous project, JZD Wire&Cable was responsible for providing the THHN wire include 3 awg thhn, 8 awg thhn, those belong to the common used copper building cable and now the THHN wire has been more and more popular in many countries. 

Order Negotiation
In September 2019, an engineer got in touch with us. we learned that he needed to find a wire and cable supplier to provide them with THHN wire for the hospital project. At that time, our team was going to the Philippines to visit local customers. Upon arrival, our team members immediately met with the engineer and the dean to discuss the specific issues of the project. The next day, our team arrived at the hospital construction site and learned about the specific parameters and quantity of the wires needed.

Shipment and payment

When we knew the customer wanted to order the 3 awg thhn and 8 awg thhn cable, we were so excited for getting a such great project and also felt a nervous, because we wanted to provide the product with best quality and most reasonable price. We arranged the our factory leaders to produce at once and 15 days later, we had finished the production of those goods. 3 days laters, we loaded those 3 awg thhn and 8 awg thhn cable into 40hq container and then we got the balance from customer very successfully.


In recent 10 years, JZD Wire&Cable Co., Ltd. has provided wires and cables for more than 1,000 projects in Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, and other regions. As a top3 manufacturer on wire and cable in China, our THHN wire, royal cord, and solar cable and royal cable are the most popular in the local Philippines market. Apart from the 3 awg thhn and 8 awg thhn cable, we also provide other size thhn wire.


Extension Information

1.5 mm², 2.5 mm² How many watts can a wire carry?

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