Lan Cat 5 Cat Five Cable Cat6 Internet Cable Shipped to Peru Wholesaler

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 18,2020

lan cat 5 and cat6 internet cable were transported to warehouse 


Customer Background Introduce

Mr. Jose is a wholesaler from Lima, where he operated his lan cat 5 and cat6 internet cable since 2012 year. He contacted us on site in July, 2019. At that time, he was looking for a supplier of cat five cable and was going to purchase a 20-foot cabinet with lan cat 5 and cat6 internet cable used for wholesale sales in Lima, because nearly there were no cat five cable in the warehouse located in Collao Port he owned and he urged to need 20 GP container goods to supply his customers.

Order Negotiation

Before contacting us, actually Mr. Jose had checked the prices of several suppliers. After conducting several prices, Mr. Jose asked for cat five cable and cat6 internet cable samples to compare, and found that our products were more competitive, meanwhile the quality of our lan cat5 and cat6 internet cable touched our customer so much, finally Mr.Jose decided to place the order to us without any consideration and he believed that our finished goods will good as the samples we sent to him.

Shipped to Lima

In November, 2019 year, the customer Mr.Jose paid the deposit and we started to the production at once. After 15 working days, the cat five cable and cat6 internet cable that we prepared for our customer have been packed. Before shipment, the inspection was obliged and our customer Mr.Jose mandated SGS company to help the inspection and no any accident, our lan cat 5 and cat6 internet cable were qualified for contenting the require of our customer. In no case our customer Mr.Jose will receive the goods 27 days later in the Callao Port.




Lan cat 5 and cat6 Internet Cable Selection

Cat five cable and cat 6 internet cable both belong to the common used ethernet cat lan cable, in many countries, there are lots of buyer are searching for a reliable supplier inculde China manufacturer, however there are lots of differences on quality each supplier can provide. Whether you are looking for CCA conductor or pure copper conductor lan cat 5 or cat five cable, cat 6 internet cable, engineering network cable and patch cord with rj45 connectors, JZD Wire&Cable can provide you with them. Because in our company we have technicians and professional sales with lots of experiences to provide great service as much as we can. In addition we also manufacture the solar cable, THHN wire, flexible PVC insulated cable and exported to many countries, such as Australia, The Philippines, Israel, Zimbabwe.


Mr.Jose received our cat five cable and cat 6 internet cable, he was very content to the quality of our finished product sent to him and he intended to order again from us, maybe he wanted to try our solar cable which has been becoming more in need in recent 4 years and he also wanted to enter to such business. In January, 2020 year we sent the solar cable sample to Mr.Jose and he was considering to order and confirming how many he really needed in such time.


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