Wholesalers In Lima, Peru Purchase Network Cat5 and Cat6 Cables

Published by admin May 13,2021

Mr. Jose is a wholesaler from Lima. He contacted us on our Alibaba platform in 2019. At that time, he was looking for a supplier of network cables and was going to purchase a 20-foot cabinet with cat5, and cat6 cables are used for wholesale sales.


Mr. Jose checked the prices of several suppliers. After conducting several prices, Mr. Jose asked for cat5 and cat6 samples to compare, and found that our products were more competitive, so he placed the order to us. After 15 working days, the goods that we prepared for him have been packed.

Whether you are looking for CCA conductor or pure copper conductor cat5, cat6 cable, engineering network cable, or patch cord with rj45 connectors, JZD cable can provide you with it. We have technicians and professional sales to provide great service.