Royal Cord For The Clark International Airport In The Philippines

Published by admin October 27,2021

Clark International Airport is located in Pampanga, Philippines. This is an expansion project. The new Clark International Airport terminal covers an area of 101,977 square meters to accommodate more passengers and the passenger flow will increase from 4 million to 12 million per year.



JZD Cable is very honored to be able to provide royal cord for the expansion of Clark International Airport. Mr. Roli, an experienced buyer in the Philippines. He contacted us in June 2020 and was looking for a wire & cable partner for this government airport project.



Actually, the airport expansion project is already in progress and due to the tight schedule, Mr. Roli and his team thought about purchasing wires and cables in the Philippines at that time. However, considering the large number of projects required, the local cable prices are generally high. And wires and cables with higher competitive prices, and high quality in China. Finally, they decided to find a wire and cable supplier in China.

After talking with our manager, Mr. Roli knew that we have provided wires & cables for many engineering projects in the Philippines, such as hospital, factory, hotel, and other engineering projects. He ordered royal cord and THHN wire from us and sent the samples to the BPS certification body for testing.



Nearly a month later, our wires & cables passed the testing. Mr. Roli thought our product quality and service were good and he ordered 2C x 3.5mm2 cable, 2C x 5.5mm2 cable, 4C x14mm2+5.5mm2 cable, 4C x 22mm2+5.5mm2 cable, and 4c x38mm2+8mm2 cable.



After 15 working days, we loaded and shipped.  Because of the epidemic, we were unable to meet each other in 2020. We are very grateful to Mr. Roli for trusting us and choosing us as a partner for the airport project. Mr. Roli said that he will visit our factory after the epidemic is over, and will consider cooperation with other engineering projects. We wish in advance the Clark International Airport expansion project successfully completed.



We welcome more friends from all over the world to visit our factory, and we will do our best to provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory services. JZD cable is a manufacturer specializing in wires & cables for more than 20 years. We provide royal cord, THHN cable,solar cable, and other cables for 1000+ projects around the world.