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2022 Chinese Lunar Festival Comming, Quote to Your Inquiry Continue

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 25,2022

The Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, and the TOP3 electrical wire manufacturer in China JZD factory will be paused temporarily. The holiday will begin on January 25, a total of 14 days, on 8th, February we will recover to start our work in 2022 and production will resume after the holiday.



Introduce to several traditions about Chinese Lunar New Year

1. New Year's Eve

This night members of each family will gather to have a sumptuous dinner. Parents will send the lucky money to childrens, that contained the full love from parents to childrens. Specially the lucky money will put into a envelope with red covering, which represents the expect to next year. 

2. Dumpling

In the north of china, in spring festival, people loves to make the dumpling by themselves, usually leak stuffing is more favored, if you are enough lucky for having a chance to eat the dumpling in a china family, surely you will miss the smell in the rest of life. 

3. Wedding held in Spring Festival

In the rural area, once the spring festival comming, the village seems to be given a second life, everywhere there are lots of fireworks and firecrackers, mostly it is happening a weddling ceremony. In wedding scene, you will see plenty of traditional chinese habits, such as during this perriod, you will see the band accompanies the groom to the bride's house and puts on a brand new suit. The bride's younger brother or elder brother picks her up and gets into the car. In this way, this woman is an official member of the groom's family.


Introduce to the hot sale product manufactured by JZD now

1. Solar dc cable

Solar dc cable JZD manufacture divided into 2 basic types, single core and twin core, both are certified by TUV. Black and red sheathed are favored by our customers from Australia, The Philippines, Latin American.

2.THHN stranded wire

UL certified thhn stranded wire JZD manufactured has been accepted by lots of customers from all over the world, including the speciality building contractors from Peru, Zimbabwe, Chiles, The Philippines.



3.Royal cord wire

Compared to be called as H05VV-F in plenty of countries, such flexible multicore pvc insulated cable is more likely to be called as royal cords in Philippines, we have more than 34 customers from The philippines, we are the biggest china manufacturer focus on providing profitable price but also excellent quality royal cords wire to this potential market.


Although during vacation, the production paused, we still will struggle for replying your inquiry once your messages be seen. Don't hesitate to contact us for more price lists of solar cable, thhn stranded wire, royal cord wire.


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