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2X40HQ container 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm twin and earth cable shipped to Australia

Published by Author: Joey Wan January 06,2022

Mr. Oliver is the purchaser manager from a powerful company focus on hotel, domestic, mall wiring in Australia. The business of his company has expanded to the 5 cities in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra since 1992.

In September, 2021, Mr. Oliver contacted us by our official site,  although the pandemic Corona virus 19 was expanding fast all over the world. In that time, his company had a very emerging project for starting and needed lots of flat TPS twin and earth cable, so he started to searching for the manufacturers online.

In early 2020, caused by the pandemic, we couldn’t leave for Australia to promote the products including our SAA certified flat TPS twin and earth cable. So in May, 2020, we designed the official site for promoting our products to over the world, among our most important market is Australia.

We created the Google Ads campaign for targeting Australia, of course the SAA certified flat TPS twin and earth cable was the key products we want to promote to Australia customers including wholesalers, projects contractors and traders. In the latter communication each other, we knew that our Ads headline attracted Oliver so much and sent the inquiry to us finally.



Quality confirmation of free sample we sent

Benefit from the slight time difference between Australia and China, Miss. Maggie tried to contacted Oliver actively by Whatsapp the same day and soon we introduced the factory and office to Oliver by video live and we sent the free samples 100 meters by FedEx to the Australia. Compared to the samples he received from other manufacturers, no any quality problems, meanwhile the price we offered satisfied to Oliver so much. Eventually no any consideration, Oliver placed the orders to us.

Order detail and confirm the deposit

The quantity was 2x40 hq containers and 2.5mm flat twin and earth 20,000 meters, 6mm flat twin and earth 100,000 meters, 4mmm flat twin and earth cable 85,000 meters. We confirmed the deliver day to Oliver and 5 days later we confirmed the deposit and arranged the order to our production department.

Inspection and shipment

2022 Chinese spring festival was coming and we hurried to complete that order. Benefit from the imported machine from Japan and the strong supply chain we have all the time, no any accident, we accomplished the production in advance. Testing company SGS was responsible to inspect the finished goods before shipment. They chose 100 meters 2.5mm, 6mm, 4mm flat TPS twin and earth cable equally and found no any apparent flaw. We shipped those 2x40 hq containers flat twin and earth cable to Australia smooth.



Introduce to the flat TPS twin and earth cable

Usually the flat TPS twin and earth cable is used for domestic, hotel, mall wiring and belong to very common used building cable in Australia and New Zealand.

TPS cable refer to the cable with thermoplastic sheath. Compared to the normal PVC material, the TPS insulation material has stronger ability to resist the higher temperature. Apart from the flat twin and earth TPS cable, circular TPS twin and earth cable is also available in market. However the flat tps cable is more popular by the residents in Australia and New Zealand.

SAA certification is essential for any foreign wire and cable manufacturers who want entering to the Australia market, besides, SAA certification also is admitted by New Zealand and some other countries. For flat TPS twin and earth cable manufacturer in China, now there are few manufacturers own the ability to obtain such a powerful certification, moreover, even though they have SAA certification, the shortage of advanced cable producing machine also disturb them all the time.


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