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Jacke Visit to JZD Wire & Cable Factory: A Positive Experience

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 22,2023

Jacke, a purchaser from a solar energy company, paid a visit to Shenzhen JZD Wire & Cable Factory. He was in search of high-quality solar cables for his company's solar panel installations. Shenzhen JZD Wire & Cable Factory is a leading manufacturer of electrical cables and wires and specializes in solar cables as well. Jacke was accompanied by one of his colleagues, and the team was given a warm welcome by the staff at the factory.



During the factory tour, Jacke was able to inspect the quality of the materials being used, the production process, and the quality control systems that are in place. He was impressed with the modern machinery and the skilled labor working at the factory. He was pleased to see the factory's commitment to maintaining quality standards throughout the production process.


Jacke was particularly interested in the 2x4mm2 pv solar cable, 4mm2 solar pv cable, 2.5mm2 solar cable, and 6mm2 solar cable. These cables are used in solar panel installations and need to be durable, flexible, and have resistance to UV light, heat, and moisture. Jacke was confident that Shenzhen JZD Wire & Cable Factory's products met these requirements.



solar pv wire twin core



After the factory tour, Jacke had a meeting with the sales team and technical staff to discuss product specifications, pricing, and delivery time. Jacke was satisfied with the pricing and quality of the products and decided to place an order for 1x40 HQ containers of solar cable wires.


The sales team provided Jacke with the required documents and certification to ensure that the products are compliant with international standards. Jacke was impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the sales team and the technical staff.


After placing the order, Jacke paid the deposit promptly, and the factory confirmed the delivery date. Jacke left the factory satisfied and happy with the experience.

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