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THHN Wire For Automatic Voltage Regulator in The Honduras

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 21,2023

THHN wires come in different sizes, the most common being 12 AWG and 14 gauge solid wires. Both sizes are made of copper conductors that are covered with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation and Nylon sheathing that can withstand high temperatures. The copper conductor allows for high conductivity, which improves the overall efficiency of power transmission and enhances the performance of AVRs.


The 12 AWG THHN wire is considered one of the most versatile sizes in the market, and it is preferred for its ability to handle up to 20 amps of electrical current. This makes it ideal for use in larger AVR systems that require high levels of power. On the other hand, the 14 gauge solid wire THHN type is best suited for applications that deal with lower currents.


Alongside the 12 AWG THHN and 14 gauge THHN solid wires, the use of 6 AWG THHN wire is also common in Honduras. This wire size is suitable for projects that require a heavy gauge wire with the capacity to handle high current loads.








The use of Copper conductor THHN in AVR systems is a significant advantage in Honduras, given its ability to resist corrosion and tolerate high temperatures without compromising on its efficiency. Copper wiring has exceptional conductivity that allows the wire to transmit power more efficiently and with fewer losses. This means that the AVR system can maintain a stable voltage level while reducing power wastage.


Apart from being made of high-quality copper conductors, THHN wires also come with Nylon sheathing. The Nylon sheathing is essential in protecting the wire’s insulation from being damaged when it is exposed to high temperatures. With a maximum rating of 600 volts, the Nylon sheathing ensures that the wire is safe to use with various types of equipment, including AVR systems.


When purchasing THHN wires in Honduras, it is essential to verify that they come in boxes that meet the required standards. A typical box of 6 AWG THHN wire has approximately 500 feet of wire, while boxes of 12 AWG and 14 gauge THHN solid wire have varying lengths. As a standard, it is advisable to purchase wires in reels to reduce instances of wire tangling and damage.

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