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Won The Bidding : The 3 Star Vacation Hotel Project In SICILY, ITALY 

Published by Author: Joey Wan October 27,2021

Won The Bidding : The 3 Star Vacation Hotel Project In SICILY, ITALY



JZD Wire&Cable won the bidding on the vacation hotel project in Sicily,Italy thanks to the endless effort from our Foreign Sale Department !Believe most of us have seen the movie sicily's beautiful legend which grown our imagination to sunshine and beach of Sicily and now we are going to take part in the vacation hotel building,so unbeliveable. 



The contract was signed on October 20 for the construction of a vacation hotel in Mazzaro Bay,Italy, to provide cable thhn 8 awg and thhn 14 awg cables for all the cable used in the construction process according to JZD Wire&Cable Foreign Sale Department.  



With over 4,500 years of cultural history, Port Mazzaro is one of the most beautiful sights in the Mediterranean and the hotel planned is located in this unique gorgeous location on Mazzaro Bay, the hotel's guestrooms are designed to reference the modern classic hotel of Istanbul, Turkey from the 19th century. Upon completion, guests can easily connect to Toarmina's downtown by cable car. Just 3 minutes away from many of the attractions of Taormina.The hotel plans to have 60 elegant guestrooms and suites, most of which overlook unique views of the beach.  Most rooms feature spacious balconies and terraces, complete with tables and chairs, where guests can enjoy an outdoor breakfast overlooking the sparkling sea.

We all are familiar with 5 star hotel, but how is the hotel ranked?In the mass,there are 5 points included.

1. The hotel has reasonable function division, convenient and safe facilities.  

2.the hotel interior and exterior decoration high-grade, construction and decoration of luxury materials.  

3.the hotel internal public information graphic symbols in line with LB/AT001 standards.  

4. Central air conditioning system.  

5. Background sound system.  

6.there is a computer management system suitable for five-star hotels.  



Of these five points, the second is the most important. Why?Because building materials are the foundation and for a buyer responsible to a big building project,how to choose the building wire and cable is the most vital,because once the cable and wire is layed into the inner space of whole building,it is so difficult to change.THHN cable is more and more popular and common used in many building industries.For this project bidding ,our foreign department overcame the differences between Sicily,Italy and China mainland,constantly to solve some vital issues about THHN 8 AWG and 14 AWG.Fortunately we drag this chance.Our customer decided to trust the cable thhn 8 awg and thhn 14 awg cables we produce eventually.For this brand hotel,thhn 8 awg and thhn 14 awg could help it out to solve the most of problems may occur,because thhn 8 awg and thhn 14 awg could content to the requirement for the specific specifiction as well as our insulation and copper adopt the imported materials from USA.

About more information for THHN building cable, you can contact us for more specification and quote. 

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