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Wholesaler Lets You Know What The Electrical Control Wire Is

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 09,2021

JZD Wire&Cable has been manufacturing electrical control wire for 20 years and has been exporting to overseas for 10 years, this article aims to see the electrical control wire more deeply with you through more professional view.




According to the different insulation materials used, electrical control wire is divided into PVC insulated and XLPE insulated control cable 2 types.

Electrical control wire is a kind of cable to protect the circuit, the main material of this cable is PVC, because this material has good insulation performance, this cable can work normally under the rated voltage of 450/750 volts, so it can control the operation of the circuit.  The application of control cable is very wide, including some factories and mining enterprises and large energy departments and so on. 



Electrical control wire has certain performance, which is also the reason why it can be widely used.  First of all, it has a good insulation performance, if it is between the conductor, can reach 1min 1kV breakdown, if it is between the conductor and the shielding body, can also achieve 1min 3kV breakdown.  The second point is its working capacitance, the average value can reach 52 f/KM.  The last thing to talk about is its defense. If it is at 150khz, the average power of the specified combination can be greater than 69dB /km. 

Electrical control wire is different from power cable, they will have certain differences in all aspects, including their respective performance. Control cable and power cable are one of the five types of cable, but the standard is different. The color of the insulated wire core is also different. The Electrical control wire is generally simple black with white words printed on it, but the power cable is generally different.  Two kinds of cables are different because of the use, so their thickness is different, the area of the section is also different, Electrical control wire are generally less than 10 square meters, but if it is a power cable, the section will be larger.Power cables are used to transmit and distribute high-power electric energy in the main lines of the power system.However electrical control wire directly transmit the electric energy from the distribution point of the power system to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances.The rated voltage of power cable is generally 0.6/1kV and above, and the Electrical control wire is mainly 450/750V. The insulation and sheath thickness of power cable is thicker than that of control cable when the same specification of power cable and control cable is produced.



The price of electrical control wire is related to the price of copper at that time, the number of roots of copper wire and the diameter of copper. Generally, there will be a special formula for calculating the price.  The price of cost is related to the price of copper, the weight of copper, etc. Cable prices generally include the cost of materials, fixed expenses, taxes, business expenses, profits, etc., so any change in the price will cause the change of the whole cable price. Fixed costs, of course, are different, because each company will be reasonable according to their own business provisions, generally are production wages, utilities, transportation costs and so on.  



In the use of electrical control wire, there will be some line problems, mechanical damage, insulation material due to the use of too long time and aging, can not be used normally, if the use of time is too long, Electrical control wire will also be due to high temperature and some problems.  So when these problems occur, do not panic, to find the problem of failure, and then find some relevant people to solve.  


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