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XLPE Solar Cable Maker JZD Wire&Cable Company Basketball Game On Weekend

Published by Author: Joey Wan November 15,2021


On 20th, November, 2021 JZD Wire&Cable Company organized the basketball game, we all were so happy and felt the warm at this family and as Top 3 xlpe solar cable maker, by this game, we accumulated the energy to forward to fight with our company and by this game, we all have the confidence to expand our market to more countries, dedicated to be one of greatest xlpe solar cable maker in the world.



9 persons were divided into 3 teams, the game form is 3 vs 3 and each round is 5 balls. In the game, we struggled to transfer ball to our teammate, we refused to fight alone, which against with our company slogan”devoted yourself to the team, then naturally you will get what you deserve”, after 3 hours gruelling game,our CEO Mr Lin announced that we would have a game like today in the future, i wanted to form this game to one of our greatest company culture, hoped we could strength our team fight ability in work by this game.



In the end we had a perfect lunch reunion together, we had the beer, fish, fried meat and beef and other delicious meals. Although we all were very exhausted, we still thanked for this chance to had fun together.



As a good quality xlpe solar cable maker, JZD Wire&Cable also always offer THHN Cable and other cables to our customer, welcome to know us more and send the inquiry to us soon. 


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