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Do you only need 4 mm electric wires during the renovation?

Published by admin September 25,2021

During the renovation, the choice of wires cannot be sloppy at all. Many people think "I use 4 mm electric wires in the whole house, so the load is heavier and safer!" In fact, too many families are wrong on this topic.
Actually, the area occupied by the wires in the pipe shall not exceed 40% of the pipe. Therefore, up to 6 of 2.5mm wires can be placed in ordinary pipes, and only three wires can be placed in 4 mm electric wires. If the entire house uses 4 mm electric wires, it will definitely lead to insufficient space, and the number of sockets in the house will be greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the thicker the wire, the more expensive it is. This is also a waste of decoration costs. As an ordinary socket, only 2.5 mm electric wires can reach the standard. Most electrical appliances commonly used in houses can be used. There is no need to use 4mm electric wires.


Therefore, it is recommended that everyone: lighting cables and sockets should be used 2.5mm electric wires; high-power electrical appliances (3P air conditioners, electric water heaters, small kitchen appliances, kitchen hoods, etc.) should be used 4 mm electric wires, and the entry wires and cables should not be less than 6 mm electric wires.

Only reasonable distribution of wires of different specifications in order to maximize the use of them and save money. It is best not to save trouble or worry about overloading, just use 4 mm electric wires!


In addition, many developers have reserved cables for residents in advance, usually, 2.5 mm electric wires, it is not necessary to replace 4 mm electric wires.