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How to Prevent Electrical Fire Caused by Wires and Cables

Published by admin September 25,2021

In daily use, wires and cables continue to operate various electrical equipment related to meet our various needs. The peak power consumption continues to rise, and various safety issues have also appeared. We must use electricity reasonably and safely to prevent Electrical fires occur, so what specific operations do we have to prevent electrical fires from occurring? JZD cable manufacturer will share with you.


1. Wire and cable wiring and installation must have an electrician operation certificate

The installers of electrical circuits and electrical equipment must hold the corresponding electrician special operation certificate, and review the electrician certificate in time. It is strictly forbidden for undocumented personnel to engage in electrical work without authorization.

2. From the perspective of the design and installation of wires and cables
When designing and installing the circuit, the insulation strength of wires and cables should not be lower than the rated voltage of the network, and the insulator should be selected according to the different power supply voltages.


 3. Matters needing attention during construction of wires and cables
During the installation and construction of the circuit, it is necessary to prevent scratches, abrasion, and impact on the insulation layer of the wire, and pay attention to the quality of the wire connection joint and the quality of the insulation coating. Wires and cables can be laid manually or mechanically. When laying the cable, Note that the bending radius of the cable should meet the requirements of the specification.


4. When wires and cables are installed in special places, they need to be protected and cleaned

 In places with special humidity, high temperature, or corrosive substances, it is strictly forbidden to open the insulated wire and use the casing for wiring. In dusty places, clean lines and insulators frequently to avoid oil stains. It is recommended to use power cables in complex environments. Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, this type of cable has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good environmental stress resistance, excellent electrical performance, and chemical corrosion resistance.

 5. Standard selection and arrangement of communication cables

It is strictly forbidden to connect wires and cables indiscriminately. When installing the circuit, the cable with the corresponding cross-section should be selected according to the load of the electrical equipment. For special situations, you can customize it according to your needs. Many cable companies, such as Zhujiang Cable, support customized cables. For this business, the distance between cables and cables, between cables and building components, and between the insulators used to fix the wires should meet the requirements of regulations.


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