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How Much Do You Know About The Difference Between YJV Cable And VV Cable

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 08,2022

YJV and VV are two kinds of cables with different insulation materials. Generally, YJV cable is the first choice for indoor permanent engineering. VV cables are generally used in low-voltage systems, and YJV cables are mostly used in high-voltage systems. YJV cables are superior to VV cables in terms of temperature resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, but their value is not cheap.


basic difference

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1. YJV—copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable.

VV—Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable.

2. YJV—voltage level (KV): 1~500.

VV—Voltage level (KV): 1~6.

3. It is precisely because of the different materials that the maximum temperature allowed for long-term operation of VV and YJV cables is different:

The YJV cable sheath is made of thermosetting material. The maximum rated temperature of YJV cable (YJLV) cable conductors is 90 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature does not exceed 250 degrees Celsius during short circuit (duration less than 5 seconds).

VV cable jacket is thermoplastic material, VV cable (VLV) type cable conductor is rated to operate at a maximum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature during short circuit (duration less than 5 seconds) does not exceed 160 degrees Celsius.

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02 The difference between the two in production equipment and process manufacturing

VV is plastic cable, YJV is cross-linked cable, and its insulation performance is better than plastic cable.

YJV only does cross-linking treatment on the insulating material to increase the heat resistance temperature, while VV does not.

The working temperature of YJV cable reaches 90 degrees, while VV is only 70 degrees, and the YJV cable has a large current carrying capacity with the same cross-sectional area.

YJV is better than VV in the long run (longer life, etc).

Although the performance of VV cable is not as strong as that of YJV cable, through continuous research and technological innovation, the performance of VV cable has been gradually improved, and combined with other characteristics and advantages to produce flame-retardant VV cable.

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The main feature of flame retardant power cable is that it is not easy to catch fire or is limited to a certain range after it catches fire. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary power cables, fire-resistant cables also have the characteristics of ensuring normal power supply for a certain period of time in case of fire and burning, especially suitable for the distribution of fire emergency systems such as fire alarms, fire-fighting facilities, and emergency evacuation.

With the development of my country's urbanization, the construction of my country's smart grid has gradually started. As a modern emerging industry, smart grid is characterized by unmanned intelligence and efficient operation. It will be the future development trend of the future power grid, and the industry will Usher in new opportunities.

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