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Reminder: Flame Retardant XLPE Cables Are Not Non-Combustible Cables

Published by Author: Joey Wan September 08,2022


What kind of flame retardant XLPE  cable do you imagine? Does it not burn at all? In fact, it is not. Compared with ordinary cables, the ignition point of flame-retardant cables will be lower, and it will not catch fire like ordinary cables. The following Asia Cable will explain it in detail for you:

In the case of wire and cable fire, the flame retardant cable can limit the combustion to a local range and extinguish it within a certain period of time without spreading, protecting other various equipment and avoiding greater losses.

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Flame retardant XLPE cable is a new type of cable with flame retardant properties developed in recent years according to the actual needs of production. For example: cable tunnel, cable interlayer, main control room, command center and other important occasions.

The structure of the flame retardant cable is the same as that of the ordinary cable, the difference lies in the insulating material. For example, the flame retardant cable of Asia Cable uses the self-developed environmentally friendly materials that do not contain any halogen and other toxic substances as insulation, so it also has low It is fuming and harmless, with very little smoke when burning and no corrosive gas escapes, which is more conducive to our escape in the event of a fire, and has a safer guarantee for our lives.

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According to the standard and requirements of the combustion test of the flame retardant properties of cables, when the flame retardant cables are burned in bundles, the flame temperature exceeds 815 °C, and the fire supply time is 40 minutes. The performance requirements are: after the fire supply is stopped, the combustion should be extinguished naturally; , ignoring any softening and deformation of non-metallic materials, the length of the carbonization (burning) of the measurement sample should not exceed 2500mm. Asia Cable's flame retardant cable adopts non-oxidized copper core, which has excellent characteristics such as high purity, low oxygen content, high conductivity and good processing performance, and has a smooth appearance, round surface, no burrs, cracks, peeling and inclusions Defects and other undeniable advantages.

It can be seen that the flame retardant cable has the characteristics of small burning range in case of fire and self-extinguishing when away from fire. It is not that flame retardant cables will not burn. When the current passes through the conductor, the conductor will heat up due to the existence of the conductor resistance. This phenomenon is called the thermal effect of the current.

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Using the thermal effect of current, various heating appliances can be made, such as electric furnaces, electric welding machines, ovens, electric irons, electric irons, etc. This is the favorable side of the current heating effect. But in many cases, the heating effect of the current is detrimental. For example, transformers, motors and cables will heat up due to the heating effect of the current during operation. If the passing current is not limited, the equipment will be damaged due to its temperature rise exceeding the allowable limit.

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