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What are the types of fire resistant cables?

Published by admin October 27,2021

Fire resistant cables are the general term for wires and cables with fire-resistant properties, which are usually divided into flame retardancy cables and fire resistance cables. From the perspective of safety and rescue, there are more and more requirements for the fire performance of cables. The specific aspects are as follows.

Flame retardancy cable retards and delays the spread of flame along wires and cables so that the fire does not expand.
Fire resistance cable that can keep running for a certain period of time under the condition of flame burning, maintain the integrity of the circuit.

Halogen-free cables that make up the wire and cable do not contain halogen, and the combustion products are less corrosive.

Low halogen cable that makes up the wire and cable can contain halogen, but the content is low.

Low smoke cables are less smoke and dust are produced when wires and cables burn, that is, higher light transmittance.

LOW toxicity means the gas produced by the burning of wire and cable materials is less toxic.

Regarding flame-retardant, according to IEC 332, flame-retardant can be divided into single root and bundle. Usually, polyolefins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene-propylene, natural monobutyl benzene, or others are flammable materials, and flame retardant products are added.

Regarding fire resistance, the types of fire resistant cables can be simplified to the IEC test temperature and then divided into categories, such as the fire temperature of 950 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃ is a type, the fire temperature of 750 ℃ ​​~ 800 ℃ is another type.

 Regarding low halogen, the HCI content is mainly measured.

Regarding halogen-free, it is mainly low corrosive. When the test HCI content is> 2mg/g, the pH value of its aqueous solution is less than 4.3. According to the different standards of each country, the content of these two index values ​​will vary.
Regarding low smoke, the international standard for low smoke requires a light transmittance ≥ of 60%.

Regarding low toxicity, the main test is to test the toxicity index, such as requiring the toxicity index of the insulating material to be less than 3 and the toxicity index of the sheath to be less than 5.

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