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Network cable manufacturer show the reason for internet speed

Published by admin October 27,2021

With the popularization of the Internet, the demand for network cables is increasing. No matter home decoration or industrial building construction, they need to use network cables. So what are the factors related to the speed of the network? As a network cable manufacturer, we can analyze the reasons.

1. Wiring design. When designing wiring, we should consider the transmission interval of the network transmission medium. The farther the interval, the lower the transmission quality and the slower the internet speed. Normally, the theoretical transmission interval of a Cat 5e twisted pair network cable is not more than 100 meters, and the actual transmission interval is preferably about 95 meters.


2. Strictly follow the wiring rules. The technological process of the Network cable manufacturer's production of network cables is very important and directly affects the network speed. According to the wiring rules, the exact sequence of lines 1 to 8. 1 is orange and white, 2 is orange, 3 is green and white, 4 is blue, 5 is blue and white, 6 is green, 7 is brown and white, 8 is brown.


3. Network transmission medium selection. Nowadays, most of the cat 5e twisted pairs network cables used in the market, cat 6 cables are also popular. Cat 6e cables can withstand 100M network transmission, and Cat 6 twisted pair network cable can be applied to Gigabit networks. Network cable manufacturers provide ethernet cables that must be guaranteed. The twisted pair is composed of four pairs of wires tightly twisted together to reduce the influence of crosstalk and background noise and ensure the transmission rate.

4. Routing equipment. We often have three options, acting server, hardware router, and software routing. We can select the appropriate routing equipment according to our own practice.


5. The quality of the crystal head. The crystal head becomes very important here. If the quality is not good, it will cause poor contact and affect the network speed. The patch cord provided by the Network cable manufacturer will install the network cable and the crystal head together.


6. Switch. Choose a switch with a fast Internet speed. The case of 100M was once popularly used, therefore, the main exchange must adopt the Gigabit exchange. A reasonable choice of switches can prevent the occurrence of network bottlenecks and greatly improve the quality of network transmission.


7. Reasonable wiring. When wiring, check if there are any sources of interference nearby, and try to prevent the air conditioning wire and power cable from being in the same trunk.

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