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Copper Prices Continue To Rise

Published by admin October 27,2021

In September 2020, China and European countries intensively launched national-level carbon neutral strategic goals. In recent years, with the rapid decline of the cost side and the increase of industrial giants and financial capital, wind power and photovoltaic power generation have almost got rid of subsidies and entered the parity era. The replacement of traditional thermal power generation has further accelerated; the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has also accelerated. Therefore, copper demand is bound to open up new growth space. Compared with traditional power generation methods and automobile fuels, electricity is the best intermediary carrier among all energy sources. It has obvious advantages in the convenience and efficiency of input, storage, and output. The input, storage, and output of electricity cannot be bypassed. The most mature is also The most cost-effective conductor material-copper, the price of wires will also rise significantly.

At present, the entry of long funds has broken away from the fundamentals, and the inventory is still accumulating, copper prices may have a short-term correction.