The Chinese office of a Saudi company posted an inquiry form on our site for the purchase of 2.5MM 2 core flexible cables. Our sale Miss.Vivian contacted the customer and soon she sent a quotation for this company, we quickly received a response. is an electrical wire supplier and wholesaler in manila, Philippines and he started his business since 1999 year, now his electrical wire supply business is very large in local region, includes 17 stores in 5 cities.
This video is about our company team visited the Rosario Memorial Hospital when they were in the Philippines. At that time, Rosario Memorial Hospital was still under construction and only part of the construction was completed.
Clark International Airport is located in Pampanga, Philippines. This is an expansion project and the new Clark International Airport terminal covers an area of 101,977 square meters to accommodate more passengers and the passenger flow will increase from
1x20GP container 16 Gauge Speaker Wire Copper Building Wire loaded and shipped to the Philippines port on 28th, November, 2021 and felt so excited for this successful deal with our customer and hope our 16 Gauge Speaker Wire and Copper Building Wire can h
Mr. Jose is a wholesaler from Lima, where he operated his lan cat 5 and cat6 internet cable since 2012 year. He contacted us on site in July, 2019. At that time, he was looking for a supplier of cat five cable and was going to purchase a 20-foot cabinet w
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JZD Wire&Cable has been manufacturing and supplying quality electrical and electronic cables to The Philippines Australia Israel South American West Europe industries and communities for power lighting and communication for over 20 years. Product quality appropriate pricing and excellent service have always been the focus of the company.
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  • How Much Do You Know About The Advantages Of Nylon  THHN  Cables?
    Excellent hydrocarbon resistance and good chemical stability, that is, excellent oil resistance, liquefied gas and gas corrosion resistance, effectively improving the reliability and service life of the wiring (aging performance test proved that BVN type wire At least double the service life of the original PVC type wire (ie 40 years or more).

    How Much Do You Know About The Advantages Of Nylon THHN Cables?

  • The THHN cable main purpose and use characteristics
    Nylon sheathed wire has a rated working voltage of 450/750V and is widely used in household appliances, aerospace systems, construction and lighting,.

    The THHN cable main purpose and use characteristics

  • Matters needing attention when choosing photovoltaic cables
    At present, PV1-F 1*4 4 square cables are mostly used for photovoltaic DC cables. However, with the increase of photovoltaic module current and the increase of single inverter power, the length of DC cables is also increasing.

    Matters needing attention when choosing photovoltaic cables

VDE 2 Certification
UL 758
VDE of Single Core PVC Insulation Cable
CE of  XLPE Insulated Power Cable
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