JZD Cable is very honored to be able to provide royal cord for the expansion of Clark International Airport.
JZD Cable visited the Rosario Memorial Hospital and provided the THHN wire.
JZD cable factory provided multi core flexible cable for the Canadian light show.
Mr. Nestor Jr ong is an electrical products wholesaler from Manila, Philippines, his business is very large in local region. Usually he mainly import royal cord cable wire, cable THHN 12 awg and other electrical cables from China  to Philippine Project.
THHN wire is a very popular product in the Philippines. JZD cable producesTHHN wire ourselves, and we have a good understanding of the local specifications in the Philippines.
Cooperate with our australia customer for a government projects in Fiji, they order Australia standard power cable with SAA certificate approval from us.
Our Story
JZD Wire&Cable has been manufacturing and supplying quality electrical and electronic cables to The Philippines Australia Israel South American West Europe industries and communities for power lighting and communication for over 20 years. Product quality appropriate pricing and excellent service have always been the focus of the company.
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